Trick or treat


Hey guys,

I hope you had a great Halloween how ever you celebrated it, I went to a friends Halloween party and this is what I wore! I chose to dress up as a black cat which was a pretty easy costume to put  together so this is for anybody who likes to take the easy way out haha. I just wore all black; black tights, a black skirt, a black top and black heels from, they are very detailed as you will see in the photos below. Then, to make myself look more like a cat I wore a little cat eye mask and winged eye liner so that if I took off the mask I would still look feline, I also wore red lipstick to finish it off. I ended up taking my heels off when I went to the Halloween party because I was about a head taller than everybody - even the other girls that wore heels - but they looked good in photos haha.

Now that Halloween is over I am super excited for Christmas! I can't wait to post some Christmas themed posts!! So stay tuned for some Christmassy vibez.
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Bye for now,



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  1. Great outfit. I dressed similar in a lace dress with a mask kind of like the mask ball outfits of gossip girl haha

    xx Tara
    Tara Semira – Ibiza, fashion, lifestyle

  2. You look stunning
    I love your outfit